So how do you get there?

It takes a systematic approach of analytics, critical thinking, challenged assumptions, diverse perspectives to clarify market position and opportunity in today's dynamic world. 

It's one thing to bring people together and effectively engage them to clarify strategy. It’s another thing to engage people with new goals and new ways of working, to implement it.

What differentiates us?

As strategy and organizational development experts, we bring seamless support to navigate and engage your team in the end to end process of strategy development to deployment, minimizing lost time and increasing effectiveness.

From market assessment to strategy development to management alignment, new business model development, to engaging your front line managers with the mindset and tools they need to execute.

But we don’t stop there, as the process for strategic change doesn’t end. We also help you institutionalize an approach to strategic planning that ensures the agility you and your team require to adapt to changing market forces. 

The following 4 principles are integral to our framework of services and provide the basis of our name: Strategy + People.


We view strategy as a tool for leaders to position organizations for profitable growth, within the underlying trends affecting their industry. When strategic objectives focus on delivering long term profitability, "flavour of the month" is avoided. This provides continuity of purpose and encourages people to buy into meaningful initiatives that are rewarding, and have sustainable positive impact on bottom line results.

putting the team in management

Driving strategic change requires solid management teamwork across the business and at all levels of management. However management often becomes siloed and can't pull together towards the achievement of strategic objectives. We reinvigorate management participation and support new organizational behaviour at each step,  so that you develop aligned leadership you require for strategy deployment.


We approach enterprise strategy from the market in, while taking care to understand your legacy business strategy. Once we help you identify a value proposition that is authentic to you and distinctive to your customers; the question: "why change?" is answered.

Custom Designed by you

Nobody understands your business better than you and your team. We work with your teams' knowledge and insights to design new business models and lead competitive business practices. Through leveraging proven frameworks and tools we accelerate this process and intensify critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making. Strategy is deployed through solutions you and your team believe in and are committed to leading.

Working with us in a nutshell

  • Clarify long term trends significant to your future
  • Establish strategy as a foundation for increasing shareholder value
  • Engage teamwork and collaboration to embed your strategic vision
  • Lead and develop a new organizational mindset
  • Create new business models that drive and sustain customer value
  • Accelerate strategy deployment and drive financial performance