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Lead in dynamic markets and adapt to your customers' changing needs

Strategy+People specializes in strategic planning for mid-sized to large and global businesses.


  • This service supports CEOs and senior business leaders who wish to develop business strategy "in-house", engaging their senior business leaders, in a team setting. 


Why the name "Strategy + People?"

  • The name "Strategy+People" is partly derived from an inclusive, team based, strategically facilitated approach to strategy development for market differentiation and the achievement of your long term financial mandate.

  • But it is also to emphasize that to drive bottom line results, leaders must overcome the gap between what they measure, their strategic objectives and the actual work of the organization. 

  • These gaps are reflected in all the research: that conservatively, 80% of companies fail to execute their strategy. 


The challenge is not about lack of discipline. 

  • Business people are very discplined and execute towards the production or delivery of their products and services to the market 24/7.  


The gap that senior leaders and their highly intelligent management teams have with respect to the deployment of their strategic plan has to do with: 

  1. Getting the calibre and focus of the enterprise strategy right,  to begin with. Most business leaders are not strategy experts. 

  2. Translating the change in leadership structure to drive strategic objectives and a new paradigm.

  3. The lack of involvement of their management team in the development of their strategic planning process, and subsequent challenges regarding the alignment of entire management structure and their commitment to a new strategy.

  4. The bandwidth and skills needed to put new business models in place.


Strategy+People works alongside you and your leaders to arm you with the guidance, expertise, facilitation, frameworks and tools you need to not only develop a strategic plan that will stand the test of time, but also to overcome these challenges. Strategy is not only deployed,  but deployment is accelerated.

  • By design, our services actually combine, into a practical, integrated methodology for transformational leadership. 


When you consider it, it's the capabilities for transformational leadership that are your company's competitive advantage in today's dynamic marketplace.  

  • Our advanced approach is based on 25 years of hands on experience with an extensive list of clients covering a full range of industries in strategic planning, leadership and organizational development and are customized to integrate within your business environment.


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"Working with Joanne over the past 5 years, we transformed the company to deliver exceptional value to customers, employees and shareholders. Joanne helped us take a legacy strategy to the next level. Under her strategic planning process we created new differentiation and services; expanding new markets, identifying underlying markets and deploying a unique program to grow an underserved market. Joanne's market planning process, ideation and professional and thought-provoking style helped our leadership team align and deliver. I'd highly recommend Joanne and her work.”




 Do your leaders drive your organization to think and operate differently?

When we work together, they will. 


Contact us to discuss how to we can support your leaders to drive results.

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Solved puzzleOur Consulting Values provide the foundation to our success: 

  • Leader-focused, strategy-driven: Our clients are business leaders.  Our role is to enable leaders and focus teams on your strategic objectives. 
  • Practical vs theoretical: Businesses run 24/7 and our clients are pressed for time.  Solutions are achieved efficiently to minimize time spent and actionable so you can move forward. 
  • Drive clarity: Business environments are increasingly complex. We simplify through critical thinking, visual models, perspective and judgment.
  • Empowerment: The best organizations empower leadership.  We strengthen and position people with the tools to lead.