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Services for new levels of performance

Looking for a solution that's right for your organization? 

Strategy + People customizes solutions across a range of client needs at different stages of growth. 

From high growth entrepreneurial firms to mid-sized companies to large, global organizations. 

We leverage our breadth of expertise to build a solution that's right for you. 



Enterprise Strategy:   From Development to Deployment

Chess pieces representing corporate strategy

“For a young high growth company with no shortage of great ideas, Strategy+People delivered a disciplined, focused strategic planning process. We were able to capture the team’s creativity to develop a balanced and achievable business plan.”


Develop your  enterprise strategy framework to guide your organization and strengthen financial performance and market leadership:

  1.  You will develop a strategy rooted in the underlying drivers of your industry to guide and distinguish your business for years.

  2.  Our process is market-driven and enables you to establish measurable strategic objectives, aligned with your financial plan, that focus your business on gaps in the market and in your present capability.

  3.  We help you decide how to align your leadership accountability structure to drive strategic objectives and launch your strategy throughout your organization.


Business Unit Strategy & Strategic Initiatives:   Plan for Innovation and Growth

Businessman staring at charts and graphs for Business Unit Strategy

“Joanne is an incredibly intelligent, articulate and creative thought partner, who added great value for our organization. She helped our team clarify our strategic goals and provided us with the framework to capture our thinking and activities, which drives our results. Joanne’s ability to quickly get people engaged, and to objectively assess the team’s strengths/opportunities and challenges coupled with her exceptional business acumen are valuable traits for any organization that wants to create clarity and get results.”


Leverage your enterprise strategy framework, interpret local market and business realities in the development of strategies for profitable growth. 

  1.  We customize our proprietary 4-step Value Innovation process, from value discovery and creation through value delivery and management.

  2.  Through the process, you leverage market research, innovate a distinct value proposition, clarify core processes to deliver value,  and develop a plan to implement and sustain your new business model.

  3.  As your new business model becomes clear, we help you align your management roles and reporting relationships to deploy your new value proposition.


Centres of Excellence:  HR, Finance and IT

Corporate Services Executives Team members

Increase the value of your  business service team by ensuring they become essential partners in business strategy:
  1.  New business strategies drive a range of new serviceS and support requirements from Finance, HR, and IT.; typically creating the need for their updated value proposition.

  2.  With our approach your team will  1)  Clarify and define expectations of key business stakeholders,  2)  Clarify your professional thought leadership towards the vision of the business  3)  Assess existing services and structure; and  4)  Develop a transformatioal plan and new operating model.

  3.  As your new operating model becomes clear, we help you align your management roles and reporting relationships to deploy your new value proposition.

Integrated Business Planning and Alignment of Employee Objectives

Finger pressing 'Start'

“Strategy + People helped us align thousands of branch employees to our vision and business strategy; improving operating efficiencies, engagement and execution.”


Implement a strategy-driven market planning process that leaders leverage to build their 3 year plans and engage their employees in strategy deployment. 

We support your leaders to translate longer term strategic objectives into your annual business plan. 
  1.  We help you streamline all components into a business planning timetable. (i.e.: financial forecast, budget, annual growth targets, business objectives).

  2. We help you to develop an efficient business planning system to focus your organization on annual strategy-driven targets.

  3. We develop all frameworks, tools and templates and support your leaders to communicate strategic objectives and develop their annual business plan.

Leadership Team Development:   Values and High Performance Teamwork


“I have worked with Joanne on multiple occasions, each time with great results. Joanne is one of those very rare people that has great process orientation but also develops new and creative solutions to problems. I look forward to working with her again.”


Develop teamwork and collaboration to deliver your strategy:

  1.  We coach leadership and develop teamwork at all levels of the corporation. 

  2.  We leverage team effectiveness assessment tools, coach business process improvement and problem solving to kick off high visibility project teams.

Are you planning an upcoming Strategy Retreat?  

We will exceed your expectations for the insights, collaboration, breakthrough thinking, and commitment to a shared vision and strategic plan. 

“I have been very fortunate to have worked with Joanne Downey over the past decade in the area of strategy development for two organizations I have been with. The reason I work with Joanne is simple: She quickly gains credibility with senior leadership through her ability to understand the business issues and facilitate discussion that support strategic alignment within the leadership team. When Joanne is working on a project with me, I am confident we will achieve what we have set out to do and be stronger as a result of her contribution.”


Contact us to discuss how to approach your upcoming strategy initiative to drive new thinking and results!

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