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 "Joanne acted as my trusted advisor and strategic planner to our executive team. She played a big part in our success. Joanne was instrumental in helping our leaders develop and drive our strategic vision to differentiate AlliedBarton as best brand in our key market segments. In addition to consulting across a range of strategic issues, Joanne was the only consultant that could helps us clarify a significant opportunity for the growth of our business. As a result we increased our earnings and attracted an unprecedented private equity valuation."

Mr. William (Bill) Whitmore, Chairman & CEO, Allied Barton Security Services

"Working with Joanne over the past 5 years, we transformed the company to deliver exceptional value to customers, employees and shareholders. Joanne helped us take a legacy strategy to the next level. Under her strategic planning process we created new differentiation and services; expanding new markets, identifying underlying markets and deploying a unique program to grow an underserved market. Joanne's market planning process, ideation and professional and thought-provoking style helped our leadership team align and deliver. I'd highly recommend Joanne and her work.”



“Strategy + People brought Manpower the services and tools that allowed us to transform our business. Assisting leadership teams in clarifying the corporate vision and strategy, global alignment to common goals was quickly achieved, resulting in stronger financial performance.”

Ms. Barbara Beck, EVP Manpower Inc; President, EMEA



“I have been very fortunate to have worked with Joanne Downey over the past decade in the area of strategy development for two organizations I have been with. The reason I work with Joanne is simple: She quickly gains credibility with senior leadership through her ability to understand the business issues and facilitate discussion that support strategic alignment within the leadership team. When Joanne is working on a project with me, I am confident we will achieve what we have set out to do and be stronger as a result of her contribution.”

Jo-Anne Yanuziello, Vice President, Human Resources, Sovereign General



“I have had the pleasure of working with Joanne for a number of years and on many different types of projects. Vision and Strategy, Leadership Development, Team alignment to name a few. Joanne is by far the best I have ever worked with. She is professional, confidential and really understands how to help Sr. Executives enable their vision. I would highly recommend Joanne to you, and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Lori Procher, President, Manpower Canada



“Toyota Canada has engaged Joanne Downey for a number of consulting and facilitation engagements.  Joanne has worked successfully with all levels within Toyota Canada from executives through to front line workers. The Toyota Canada IS department prefers working with Joanne because of her considerable experience with a diverse set of customers, excellent facilitation skills, and her comfort level in working with a technology oriented group. All of these combine to enable Joanne to facilitate, add value from her experience and act as a consultant when necessary to ensure our sessions achieve their objectives and all the participants are engaged in achieving our goals.”

Mike Finlayson, National Manager, Toyota Canada


“Joanne is an incredibly intelligent, articulate and creative thought partner, who added great value for our organization. She helped our team clarify our strategic goals and provided us with the framework to capture our thinking and activities, which drives our results. Joanne’s ability to quickly get people engaged, and to objectively assess the team’s strengths/opportunities and challenges coupled with her exceptional business acumen are valuable traits for any organization that wants to create clarity and get results.”

Deborah Bakti, VP, ParaMed/Extendicare



“For a young high growth company with no shortage of great ideas, Strategy+People delivered a disciplined, focused strategic planning process. We were able to capture the team’s creativity to develop a balanced and achievable business plan.”

Don O’Leary CFO/VP Finance, Vonage



“Strategy + People helped us align thousands of branch employees to our vision and business strategy; improving operating efficiencies, engagement and execution.”

Steve Walker, COO, North America



“Quick intelligence and infectious enthusiasm and curiosity mark Strategy + People’s founder, Joanne Downey. Whether leading a group of executives in discussion or one-on-one, Joanne’s passion for successfully aligning strategy and people to drive business success, is unquestioned.”

Terry Nickerson, CFO, ATI Technologies



“I have worked with Joanne on multiple occasions, each time with great results. Joanne is one of those very rare people that has great process orientation but also develops new and creative solutions to problems. I look forward to working with her again.”

Paul Serio, Global CIO, Baxter Corporation



“Having now worked with Joanne Downey on several high level initiatives over the past several years, it gives me great pleasure to provide a testimonial on her behalf. Joanne is truly an expert in her field.  She has the ability to interface with leaders and team members, working with a group and facilitating their input.  She brings a remarkable methodology to the table and can listen to, facilitate and structure the issues to build alignment towards the final solution.  This formula has worked every time for us with Joanne to most successful conclusions in diverse situations. I have no hesitation in recommending Joanne. She is a remarkable person and probably the best consultant in her field.”

Jan Sonneman, Entrepreneur, President and Chief Executive Officer, Slingshot Connections
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