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Meet the Founder, Joanne Downey

Throughout her 25 year consulting career, Ms. Downey has provided tangible value to Business Leaders of Global, Fortune 500 and high growth entrepreneurial companies.

Joanne brings extensive experience, perspective and judgment derived from: 

consulting hours

2,000+ days
in faciltation

50+ different
client organizations

15 long term
client relationships

Supported 500+ leaders
and their teams

Joanne Downey

As a top-tier presence in the field, her strategies have stimulated growth in revenue, jobs and profitability.

Joanne is an integrative, systems and design thinker with advanced skills for creative problem solving and the capability to see structure where there is none.  

She has a passion for connecting with visionary leaders about their ideas and challenges, for modelling new concepts,  and designing and facilitaing effective approaches that empower senior management teams to build organizations that are rewarding for people to work in; rewarding for their clients; rewarding for their shareholders.

Joanne is:    

  • Member of the Women’s Leadership Board (WLB), Harvard University.

  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Executive Stream, with the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.

  • Member of the American Society of Strategic Planners (ASP).

  • Advisory Board of the Consulting Graduate Program, George Brown College.

  • Certified in Team Management Systems assessment tools.

  • Honours BA, Commerce and Economics, and a Certificate of Personnel and Industrial Relations from the University of Toronto.



“Quick intelligence and infectious enthusiasm and curiosity mark Strategy + People’s founder, Joanne Downey. Whether leading a group of executives in discussion or one-on-one, Joanne’s passion for successfully aligning strategy and people to drive business success, is unquestioned.”



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